A collection of ideas created by exploring relationships and combining familiar objects together both physically and via narrative.

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Inspiration to get your tool kit out and make your garden bench more comfy with a lovely set of rockers.

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No Robots Please!

Alan Outten

250 young children’s designs for the future – includes super plants, altered animals, gadgets and gizmos, personal fabrication, artificial life and much, much more!

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Welcome to the digital Revolution

SomeRightsReserved is a marketplace selling digital blueprints to a range of different products and objects. We connect designer straight to consumer, empowering all parties.

The Some Rights Reserved download shop stocks a range of products from conceptual one-offs to unlimited edition prints, from independent music and film to trend reports. Some downloads, like music and films, you can enjoy straight away, others you can download and make yourself or get produced to your specifications at a high street supplier.

The restrictions of commerce are lifted, empowering and questioning the role of designers and consumers alike.

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